Featured Projects

Lawrenceville Water Treatment Facility

Lawrenceville Water Treatment FacilityPPMI recently completed construction of a new water treatment plant.. This 5.4 million dollar project included the construction of a new filter building with offices, two 50’ clarifiers with stainless steel containment tanks, new chemical feed building and systems, demolition of existing facilities and general piping and concrete construction. The new plant system will have an initial design flow of 2500 GPM with future expansion capabilities of up to 3500 GPM. PPMI was contracted directly to the owner as the sole general contractor for this project and self performed the majority of the work inclusive of all piping and concrete construction.

Honda North America

Honda North America The Honda plant sits on 1700 acres and is more than 1 million sq. ft. The major operations of the facility include; stamping, welding, painting, plastic injection molding, sub-assembly and assembly, testing, quality assurance and shipping. PPMI installed the Paint Shop process drain piping, Assembly Building utility piping, primary and secondary utility piping/equipment for E-Coat, Phosphate, and Sludge system, and waste water treatment piping.

Nashville Biosolids Central Waste Water Treatment

Nashville Biosolids Central Waste Water TreatmentPPMI recently completed the installation of the stainless steel digester gas piping, carbon steel hot water piping, HDPE natural gas piping, installation of two 10-million BTU boilers, four heat exchangers, two gas dryers, four foam separators, and two gas compressors for the Nashville biosolids project. PPMI's scope was part of the $117 million project designed to take the solid waste from the Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant and convert it into biosolids pellets to be sold for fertilizer.