Featured Projects

River Intake Structure

River Intake Structure PPMI Construction was recently awarded a multimillion dollar project under Johnson Controls, Inc. to replace the existing raw water intake for the City of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Highlights of the project include completely replacing the primary raw water intake system including the pumps and controls and installing two new river bottom intake lines on the bottom of the Ohio River. Other aspects of the project include refurbishing the existing secondary low lift intake, replacement of existing plant piping, and the addition of an electrical control building. All of these projects will increase the reliability, efficiency, and capacity of the water supply system.

Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport PPMI served as the prime contractor for this 2010 project. PPMI self performed the mechanical and plumbing scopes. Structural steel, sheet metal, electrical, controls and insulation were subcontracted. Two new boilers were installed along with a new water cooled chiller and several new pumps. Existing air compressor and ozone machines were relocated. PPMI provided temporary heating and cooling during the project. Piping was modified or added for chilled water, condenser water, natural gas, and heating hot water.

Mt. Vernon Water Treatment Plant

Mt. Vernon Water Treatment Plant PPMI recently completed a large expansion at the Mt. Vernon, IN water treatment facility to include a new intake structure and filter building. Modifications were also made to existing clearwell and pretreatment buildings. PPMI performed all general construction, mechanical, electrical, and process instrumentation/controls. Additionally, PPMI constructed two new water booster stations.