Featured Projects


Ameresco PPMI was awarded a contract by Ameresco LLC to install a landfill gas blower station at Laubscher Meadows Landfille in Evansville, Indiana. This blower station draws methane gas from the landfill and supplies it to the Mead Johnson Nutritional facility in downtown Evansville. The methane is used to fire their existing boilers. Civil, mechanical, and electrical trades were utilized.

Nashville Biosolids Central Waste Water Treatment

Nashville Biosolids Central Waste Water TreatmentPPMI recently completed the installation of the stainless steel digester gas piping, carbon steel hot water piping, HDPE natural gas piping, installation of two 10-million BTU boilers, four heat exchangers, two gas dryers, four foam separators, and two gas compressors for the Nashville biosolids project. PPMI's scope was part of the $117 million project designed to take the solid waste from the Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant and convert it into biosolids pellets to be sold for fertilizer.

T.C. Cherry Elementary School

T.C. Cherry Elementary SchoolA new 55,000 square foot elementary school was recently built adjacent to the existing 58-year old school. PPMI's scope of work included all plumbing (above and below ground waste and storm, domestic water, and roof drains), compressed air, natural gas, sheet metal, HVAC systems, and solar water heating.