Featured Projects

Water Filtration Expansion - 2x

Water Filtration Expansion - 2xPPMI Construction was recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract with Johnson Controls, Inc. to construct an additional filter building at the Mt. Vernon, Indiana Water Treatment Plant to house (2) new 2.0 MGD filters. Highlights of the project include the construction of a new concrete/steel building and the installation of the filters including all mechanical and electrical for integration into the existing plant system. Other work includes the installation of the concrete foundation for a new 1.0 million gallon elevated remote water storage tank. The project is currently on schedule to be completed early 2016.


Ameresco PPMI was awarded a contract by Ameresco LLC to install a landfill gas blower station at Laubscher Meadows Landfille in Evansville, Indiana. This blower station draws methane gas from the landfill and supplies it to the Mead Johnson Nutritional facility in downtown Evansville. The methane is used to fire their existing boilers. Civil, mechanical, and electrical trades were utilized.

Lawrenceville Water Treatment Facility

Lawrenceville Water Treatment FacilityPPMI recently completed construction of a new water treatment plant.. This 5.4 million dollar project included the construction of a new filter building with offices, two 50’ clarifiers with stainless steel containment tanks, new chemical feed building and systems, demolition of existing facilities and general piping and concrete construction. The new plant system will have an initial design flow of 2500 GPM with future expansion capabilities of up to 3500 GPM. PPMI was contracted directly to the owner as the sole general contractor for this project and self performed the majority of the work inclusive of all piping and concrete construction.